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Genetic testing startup Recombine raises $3.3M Series A led by FirstMark Capital

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Recombine, a comprehensive clinical genetic testing company today announced their Series A fund raise of #3.3M led by FirstMark Capital. The company is planning to use the fund the expansion of their customer support, sales & marketing efforts, and engineering team. Other participants in this round of funding include Vast Ventures, Vivek Garipalli, Alexander Saint-Amand, and Zach Weinberg and Nat Turner, co-founders of Flatiron Health.

Their news release states “Having built an incredible core product an business, the funds pave the way for the Recombine team to greatly expand our clinic network, while simultaneously focusing on important R&D into more complex genomics.” Recombine is part of a new wave of startups that marry computer science with the wealth of data that is emerging out of ultra-low-cost sequencing.

Recombine’s CarrierMap tests cost around  $350, and can look for 180 recessive genetic disorders including cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy. Recombine has genetic councilors on staff that explain test results to the couples. They’re currently testing 8,000 sets of patients per year.

Their website says: Recombine’s genetic test is designed to deliver clear and actionable genetic information and is based on input from leading healthcare providers. Our goal is to help you make informed medical decisions. We manage all aspects of the genetic testing process, from sample collection to genetic counseling.

“Recombine has ambitious plans to fully leverage Big Data technology to help decode the myriad aspects of our genome that are still not well understood,”FirstMark investor Matt Turk says. “They have already obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for their first large-scale study, and the company is currently assembling a crack team of data scientists in New York City.”

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