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Food startup, Sprig, raises $10 million in Series A led by Greylock partners.


“Whats for dinner?” Millions of people every day face the same problem. They pour their hearts into their work and want to come home and spend time with their family and friends. And then when it comes to dinner, they are often forced to compromise between the easy option and the good option. The easy options — frozen dinners, take-out Chinese, delivery pizza—don’t provide the nourishment their bodies deserve. The good options—cooking from scratch, grocery shopping, prepared meals services—are either expensive or time-consuming. Too often, we choose the easy options instead of the good ones. Sprig comes into picture here.

Sprig launched its healthy meal on your table to the public in November 2013. Since then it has been seeing a great response from its customers. Today, Sprig announced that Greylock has invested $10 million to help Sprig expand faster and serve more customers. This is Sprig’s second round of funding. They previously raised $2M in seed financing (full list of investors on AngelList). The seed was led by Brian O’Malley at Battery Ventures. He’s since joined Accel Partners. Both Battery and Accel are participating in the Series A as well.


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